Can't get Wifi or any other internet connection

Hi guys !!! i did download the version 16.04.1 LTS of Ubuntu Mate for my mom's PC but i can't get internet via Wifi or any other way;the system dont ask for my internet connection name or a password,the download to the CD apparently was good,i did a test for defects and the system says ''no errors found'';her PC is a Sony Vaio model SVF14211CLB service pack 2 64 bits with 4 GB's of Ram and a hard disc of 500 GB's,i did reformat her PC twice with the same CD but getting the same issue ...
I did read a post from Ubuntu Mate's facebook fan page from a guy saying he has the same issue but with a different Pc model.
I will burn the iso image again to a new CD to see if something went wrong in the download,if the issue persist i really dont know what to do cause i did delete her Windows OS and can't get it back cause that PC doesn't bring any CD to reformat it ...need help / suggestions immediately guys !!!
P.s I dont want to let her down,i feel sad ...that's why i want to purchase the original CD's,not to burn the iso image in cheap CD's ...

Please provide the output of the command:

inxi -N

Run it in a terminal on that machine (Open terminal using CTRL+ALT+T)

Did you try with a regular LAN cable first? Make sure the cable is connected properly and then run all updates through the Welcome application. Then restart your computer and see if Wifi is working.

Hi @ouroumov,doesn’t works … all i can read is inxi-N no se encontro la orden :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @maro,the issue still persist …i have to call to Sony Vaio tech support in few hours cause as far as i know,it is something related apparently to Sony PC …
i did call to Sony tech support and the guy told me that he can’t help me to solve my issue because i dont have Windows OS anymore in my mom’s PC,unbelievable !!! he gave me no support because i need W OS in her PC to get their support;i told him it is her PC and she can install anything she want cause she did buy it !!!
It seems like the PC can’t work without Windows software,seems like blocked ??? i will call Sony corp. in some other country today to see if they are able to solve the connection issue,then i will post my inconvenient in Sony Vaio facebook page so everybody can see how they treat the clients with their crappy tech support.

On the off chance that means "command not found" please make sure you didn't forget the space before the dash. "inxi<space>-N"

Hi @ouroumov,this time is ok,i can read CPU Dual speed/max Kernel inxi 2.2.35 etc … the name of the owner of the PC,the model and at the end $ i guess asking for something …
I did talk to the guy from Sony and he told me that the Sony Vaio PC can work only with Windows OS,the only way apparently to make it works with Ubuntu Mate is downloading a driver that the system needs.
I have W 7 home basic OS in few CD’s but cannot install it on the Sony Vaio because the product ID,can’t install W 10 because drivers issues compability …
I did download the driver that suppose will make the Sony Vaio works with Ubuntu Mate,if doesn’t works i really dont know what to do …
Can you let me know how to install the driver ??? i have it on a DVD,but can’t find the way to extract it …i guess is with the terminal ???