Can't log in since changed login settings

i set my user account to not need a password to login.
now i cannot login at all.
clicking login causes the screen to blink for a second, then back to the login screen.
guest account logs in just fine.
is there any way to fix this from within the guest account? can’t get sudo in that account.

What version of Ubuntu MATE?


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see here:


thanks, but since i couldn’t figure it out i did a fresh install.

Greetings! I know this is an old post, but I am actually experiencing the exact same issue with a relatively new install of 15.10. I was logging in fine when I first setup the system about a week ago with requiring a password at login.

Once I changed to not requiring password to login, the issue began at the very next login attempt after I rebooted the system.

I get the drop-down menu to select the user login and when I try to login, the screent flashes to a prompt screen with this:

[ OK ] Started Light Display Manager
[ OK ] Started ACPI event daemon

Then quickly back to the login screen again (insert circle of insanity here).

Thanks to the “global knowledge base” (aka the Google machine), I found out that if I ctrl + alt + F1 at the login screen, I can still log in to the system with my user credentials and then run “startx” to bring back the desktop, so I don’t think it is a password issue necessarily (but please enlighten me as I am still fairly new to the linux world and have no idea how this login process really works!).

Obviously, once I’m back logged in I know I can easily change back to requiring the password at login and continue on my merry way, but I am trying out Ubuntu MATE to see if I want to setup a Ubuntu MATE system for my mother. So far I am really enjoying using it and think it would be a great way to get her out of the Windows environment and will work well on her aging, underpowered laptop. However, it would be great to have the auto-login working for her (anything to make it easier at transition, right?), so any help on how to get the system to auto-login properly & reliably would be much appreciated!




try starting in recovery mode and run “dpkg” per the update guide (a network cable connection is required!):

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