Can't pay my taxes with Linux in my Spanish region

Hi all,
Here in my basque region in Spain we cannot pay all our taxes using Linux simply because the tax collecting authority relies on Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe offers no updates for Linux. It happens that I cannot fill an online Adobe form unless I have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. The tax applications are Windows based and they give issues with the decimals on Wine. I have tried a virtual machine but there is no way I can install a Windows 8.1 Bing virtual machine since Microsoft does nor provide a Windows 8.1 with Bing recovery media so I would have to buy a copy of Windows. I currently use Ubuntu Mate 16.04 but every three months I need my Macbook for my tax payments. So there is no way a business can entirely run his company using Linux here.
I would appreciate your comments.
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Although I have never tried this myself, Virtualbox apparently has the capacity to migrate a physically installed windows system to a virtual machine. So, I am guessing the order of events would be:

  1. install windows on your machine.

  2. install Virtualbox on your windows installation.

  3. follow whatever instructions (see link below) are needed to make a VM of your windows installation

  4. secure a copy of the VM on an external media

  5. erase your windows installation and install UM.

  6. install virtualbox on your UM installation

  7. import your windows VM you made earlier

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To be honest, though, looking at those instructions it sounds like a monstrous task. So, I don’t think I would do it.

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Thank you :slight_smile:


Here are two links that might lead to a solution for you:


Linux in Spain:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Have you tried using Okular?

sudo apt install --install-suggests okular

It will install stuff you don't need but I'm not sure if it needs that to perform the task. It doesn't mean it will.

What's the website? We may try some workaround.[quote="stevecook172001, post:3, topic:9503, full:true"]
To be honest, though, looking at those instructions it sounds like a monstrous task. So, I don't think I would do it.

I downloaded a windows vista iso and installed it with the code on the sticker on my PC as a virtual machine using virtualbox. I use this relatively lightweight old windows version that is easy to activate to run the odd windows program. The machine can be run without a network adapter to keep it isolated from the internet, but with a shared folder on the Ubuntu host - for security and after its end of life next year. Win Xp could be used in the same way.
I have also got Adobe reader Linux version 9 running on recent Ubuntu versions, 14.04 I think. I had to search for the .deb file as it is not in the repository any more. So you could try this in your current install or install an old (l)Ubuntu as a virtual machine and then install Reader v 9.
Good luck.

Simple solution:
I have just tested this by installing on Ubuntu Mate 16.04 directly using these instructions and it seems to work fine.
Install adobe reader in ubuntu 16.04

The most recent version available is here from the Adobe ftp server (still a bit old, but it works fine):
adobe reader 9

Good luck and hope you can pay your taxes!

Or, like this you can install a new version of acrobat reader (2015 release: 2015.0.10.20056)

  1. Install Play-on-linux program from the store (front end for wine that automates installations using prewritten scripts and patches).
  2. Open and select “install program”
  3. Select Adobe Reader DC from the options and start the install.
  4. Use the option “download the program” and PoL will download from Adobe, download patches and installation scripts, then install this windows program that runs through Play on Linux (via Wine).

Seems to work very well.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

I don’t remember why but unistalled aCROBAT rEADER FROM MY SYSTEM LIKE A MONTH AGO. i NEVER USED IT BUT i THINK I HAD NO sPANISH TRANSLATION IF i’M NOT WRONG. (Sorry for capitals, I was no watching!)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Linux is still available in the official Adobe website, here:

I installed the deb file, it works fine.

My comment is that being forced by your country to use Windows sucks.

Anyway @Iosu_Beobide_Aizpuru, please let us know if one of the solutions fronted by others works for you.


Thanks all for your comments. I am currently evaluating your suggestions. However I have checkeck that the links to Adobe do not work in my browser, neither the ftp link.
I have also contacted one of the Atril pdf viewer developers to see if tweaking Atril for this particular application works. So far I have no response.

Kind regards.

I’ve found a http link for the deb file in Adobe website: Click Here

You could open PDF and export as PDF in gimp, if all else fails.