Cardapio menu ever ported to either Gtk 3 or Python 3


I am wondering if anybody is aware whether or not the cardapio menu was ported to either Python3 or GTK 3. As I stated in a previous thread I’m attempting to learn Python so I can help out with MATE, and just going through courses bores me occasionally, and while I’ve come across the Tilo Menu and MATENu menu and I’ve worked some on them, and more recently I came across the cardapio menu, which eventually I’m planning to make available on MATE, as well as the tilo/matenu menu, (once I finish learning Python and figure out how PyGobject and GTK works). The Cardapio menu was supposed to be ported to Python 3, but I can’t find the source code if it was, also it seems to have been written in GTK 2 although It was available as a Gnome Shell Extension which I would think would be written in GTK3, can anyone confirm if it is either available written in Python 3 or if it was available written in GTK 3, either of which would make it easier to mess with than the Tilo Menu while I’m learning Python


Newbie here, found this which shows work done on cardapio menu, and the git clone site to download the source. From the commit messages, it looks like it wasn’t ported to Python 3, give it a glance and check if its ported.

Cool that you are porting menu’s to mate. Would love to check out your finished work someday. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I had seen that but not looked it over very well, it looks like it is in Python 2.7 although it does seem to at least work in Gtk3 environments, but I’m still not sure about whether it’s Gtk3 or not as I’m not real familiar with GTK, am also trying to figure out how to make the two to work together, about the most I can do now is to create a blank window :grinning: