Change destination folder for screensaver


How can I specify the destination folder for screensaver to be ~/Pictures/Wallpaper ? The preference GUI only gives me the option to select ~/Pictures, however I have several sub folders and only want to use pics contained in /Wallpaper to be used in screensaver.

P.s I’m running 17.10


I think I’ve solved it by opening:


Then appending line 170 to:

Exec=/usr/lib/mate-screensaver/mate-screensaver/slideshow --location=/home/me/Pictures/Wallpapers/

I’ve taken an educated guess on this so I’ll mark as solved, but please let me know if this is a bad way of doing things.


Thank you i was looking at a way to do so. Still i have to try but seems good, even if a gui option could be even easier and better.