Change /etc/skel, Advanced Menu does not show for Guest Session

I am customizing Ubuntu MATE for my school. Some of my users are already familiar with standard Ubuntu, but for the older hardware around I am planning to use MATE, and yes, with Mutiny layout (thanks for making it!!!).

I am customizing the default profile (/etc/skel) by creating a user, making a bunch of changes, and then copying the user profile into /etc/skel, including hidden files.
When I log on as Guest Session, it all works well except for the Advanced Menu applet, which doesn’t load. No error messages.

Has anyone had this problem?

Did you figure this out?

Unfortunately, no, I didn’t figure it out.

I watched a video related to updates in the new version, MATE 17.04, and they mentioned a new menu option that offers the search functionality. I will be out of town until next week, but will test the menu in the Guest Session when I return.

How was this guest user created ?
Does he have a home folder ?

Wath is the terminal output of mate-menu applet ?

  1. Remove any mate-menu you have on panel
  2. Open terminal and start mate-menu (It will stay open)
  3. Add mate-menu to panel