Change font on grub menu

I have looked at tutorials, but can not figure out how to change the grub font colors for Ubuntu_Mate.

Can someone please help me ?

Thanks a lot.

First you need to uninstall the Ubuntu MATE GRUB theme. You can search for it in Synaptic and uninstall it. It will also remove a meta-package but it doesn’t matter.

Then you need to install GRUB Customizer from Daniel Richter’s PPA:

GRUB Customizer lets you customize your GRUB screen (background, font, font-color, time-out etc.).

Make sure to only uninstall the Ubuntu MATE GRUB theme and not GRUB itself.:wink::thumbsup:

Thanks a lot for your help.


Unfortunately, Grub customizer did not work on my system.

It changed font to black and gray instead of what I picked.

And it did not add a background image either.

I am using Ubuntu MATE 14.04, but GRUB and GRUB Customizer should work the same on Ubuntu MATE 16.04.

Make sure no GRUB theme is installed and restore neutral GRUB settings in GRUB Customizer (background, font and colors). Reboot. GRUB should now be black screen with white text.

Then go into GRUB Customizer and change settings. There is a preview showing what your GRUB screen will look like. Change to something you like and reboot to see your new GRUB screen.

If this doesn't work I don't know why...

I have a simple GRUB screen with Ubuntu MATE background.