Changes to pop-up notifications not saved?

I changed the theme of pop-up notifications to ‘standard theme’ using mate-notification-properties but after a while the theme ‘slider’ becomes active again. Is it possible to switch them permanently?

Hmm, that’s odd. Pop-up notifications always save here (I use the Standard theme) on Ubuntu MATE 15.04.

Which version of Ubuntu MATE are you using? Does this trigger only with certain programs?

I’m using 14.04. I’m not sure what is triggering the switch back to slider o_0 .

I’ve found out that slider is the default theme for the pop-up notifications. So something is switching it back to default. Since I don’t know what that is the (ugly) solution I’m using for now is having standard theme as the default value, which can be set in the files mate-ubuntu.gschema.override and ubuntu-mate.gschema.override as explained for example here:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LMAO that didn’t work either!