Checking out Yuyo

I'm loving the work on the new themes. I'm hoping this doesn't come across as overly critical, I'm actually really excited to make UbuntuMATE the absolute best it could be. I noticed one thing about the theme that I've seen with a couple other themes and thought I'd point it out, because I know it's something that can be adjusted. I'd love to be able to help fix this, but I have little to no experience with theming...

If you look right around the edge of the text box there is a white box around the outside edge that doesn't blend directly with the window color. I'm using the example of Greybird vs Yuyo Dark. Again, not trying to be overly critical because I want to pick on the work with the theme, I just want to see it look as absolutely perfect as possible.

Thanks for finding this :smiley:

Please can you file this issue on the Yuyo issue tracker so it doesn’t get forgotten?

Done. I’m going to be throwing one up about the Synaptic toolbar too.


Yeah, I noticed the issue with Synaptic as well. I wonder if it’s an issue with other GTK3 apps?

I don’t recall noticing much else but I will be honest, I didn’t spend a LOT of time with it on. I think I’ll switch to it so I can watch for anything else.

I did use it quite a bit at one point, but I think Synaptic is my only GTK3 app, off the cuff.

I’m at work now or would double check.