ChordSmith Installation

I have been able to get ChordSmith to install it’s start icon on my desktop and to show in Others in my applications but when I double click it comes up with “There was an error launching the application”
has any body been able to get it running ?

  • Where did you get it from?
  • How did you install it?
  • Have you tried it from the command-line?

Hi Robert

The packages and instructions come from:

I tried thezip package first, using the given instructions from lower
down the page with Engrama Archive Manager and

cd ///home/graham/Downloads followed by java -jar ChordSmith_INTL.jar in
the terminal

This didn’t work so I used the Install package and

cd ///home/graham/Downloads followed by java -jar installChordSmith.jar

This gave me the ChordSmith installation window application and I
followed it as instructed.

I also installed some Java programs from Synaptic and set the
permissions in the /Install package/, the I/NTL.jar/folderand the
desktop icon to Allow executing.

One thing I don’t under stand is the last section of the instructions on

Quote: “Once the program is installed, it must be run such that its
working directory is the directory containing the ChordSmith_INTL.jar
file. So, probably the easiest thing to do is to create a command file
containing commands similar to the following two, perhaps named
java -jar ChordSmith_INTL.jar
Then, whenever you want to launch the program, just invoke the command

I have a folder named ChordSmith in my Home folder that contains the
downloaded packages and the unloaded zip filen I have directed the
terminal to this but it won’t accept the commands.

Please note that i’m a not a terminal user and try not to use it.

Thanks for your interest


Did you see the section Linux users, please read the following:?

Yes, that’s where i got all the instructions from

Can you show the output of the command:

java -jar ChordSmith_INTL.jar

orschiro The ChordSmith_INTL.jar file is in /home/graham/ChordSmith ( Created by the terminal )
My ternimal input was // /home/graham/ChordSmith then java -jar installChordSmith.jar
From terminal:
graham@grahampc1:~$ cd ///home/graham/ChordSmith
graham@grahampc1:~/ChordSmith$ java -jar installChordSmith.jar
Error: Unable to access jarfile installChordSmith.jar
There are 2 entries in " Others" two run C-S but they don’t work

You're typing the wrong command.

java -jar ChordSmith_INTL.jar

You have to do this from the ChordSmith directory.
Open it in the file browser, then right click and select "Open in terminal", then use the command.

Hi ouroumov
Thanks so much for your help.
I got it to open and can use it now.
Is there some way of creating a quicker way to open it ?

You can create a .desktop file: