Chromium not synching passwords

Dear friends,

I have no idea why Google Chrome is now a snap, but I am wondering why, after upgrade, I had to reenter all my passwords to sign in to my google accounts and there are no passwords left in chromium. Did the change somehow affect some setting in ~/.something?

This is the kind of thing that should never happen, and I need all my password in chromium back, turning on synch does not help, it seems that the passwords stored locally have disappeared.

There were a few others things that should not have happened, as all installed programmes should have been kept or updated, not removed to make all mate systems similar, but make sure everything we had in our settings remained, and only updating packages occurred, not changing anything.

In other words, did the upgrade affect settings?

More info:

Not only does it not synch, but it does not save passwords, even when asked. Not sure solution, as --password-store=basic does not help

M is the thread, and the following solution worked for me, in case someone should arrive here via search.

rm -rf ~/snap/chromium/current/.config
snap connect chromium:password-manager-service