Command for removing a dockett from Plank and/or Docky

Some things seem to be glued to Plank or Docky and there’s no remove option for some of them so I would like a command for the terminal. If all else fails, I’ll just do a reinstall. Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I don’t have a command line option, but have you tried either of the following to remove items.

1 - Right click on the docked icon and de-select the “Keep in Dock” option.
2 - Left click and keep held down and then drag the icon away from the dock into your desktop. The icon will be destroyed in a small puff of smoke! :slight_smile:

Yes the first option does not apply here but I’ll try the second option.
Thanks a bunch.

Hey…option # 2 works great and it’s fun to watch…SO THANKS!

Excellent. Glad it worked! :slight_smile: