Community Feedback: Get Involved/Bug Reporting

Hello everyone!

To everyone who has helped out with ISO and beta testing, thank you so much. What you do is vital to help make the finished release better for everyone! This month, we'll have some Write the Docs volunteers who want to meaningfully contribute to open source working with the web team to make the bug reporting and bug-related pages on the website clearer and more useful for community members new and old alike.

The pages are:

Are there sections from these pages that are useful as-is?

Are there sections that could be clearer or otherwise improved, and what do you think needs improving?

Are there sections that are unhelpful or unnecessary?

If you're new to bug reporting/triage/fixing, what information/steps/screenshots would help you the most?

If you're seasoned with all things bug, what resources do you wish you had, either now or when you were learning?

Do you think there's a distro or project that does a great job with their bug guide? If so, can you share the link?

If there's any other concerns or comments, or answers to questions besides this one, please leave them in the replies. Thank you all in advance for your feedback and helping our web and documentation team, and our Write the Docs volunteers, to help our community!


First things first: Can we add a link to Bug Reports (ie. to back into the menu, please? I can't remember how many "Where do I post bug reports to?" questions I've responded to since the website remake - and that's just the one's who took the time to ask ...

And to the specific request: I would draw your attention to the fact that nowhere on any of the linked pages does it actually give any/that link as the place to which one would file a bug report! That page is linked in 1 place, but under How to check for duplicates, not How to file new ones (yes we know that it's the same but not everyone will), and the link title is just 'Launchpad' which is not very informative if you are simply scanning for the URL link. At a minimum spell it out in full in the title link, if not duplicate it again under How to File - it is after all the primary purpose of the whole write up, is it not?


I know it's a bit belated, but I wanted to thank you for these comments and how specific they were. The lack of the link is a huge oversight, and I want to take personal ownership for that lapse. A bug reporting guide that doesn't really help people report bugs is less than helpful!

Between feedback like this and our volunteers, I think the revised bug reporting section will be clear and more accessible to testers of different levels. If you think of any other comments this week, definitely feel free to add them here!

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