Compile the Tor Browser on Raspi 2

I have seen a ticket opened about this on tor bug tracker, but no progress for over a year on the Tor Browser being available on arm processors. I have setup firefox with a proxy to use Tor but that is not safe because the browser itself leaks to much info. So I am asking for help if this is the right place to ask how to compile the Tor Browser on RasPi 2 on Ubuntu. Just some simple instructions for me to follow so I can compile from source, or is there an easier way?

Hey Cock,

First, that episode of southpark was funny.

second, I tried to take this venture as well. I looked around, and messed with a few things. I ended up installing Vidalia-GUI to Tor, and used a proxy on a browser that i only used for Tor Browsing. The browser had no history and had cookies disabled…also was set to use Incognito mode… Never really got the actual tor browser working though…

ya well do you know where i could get help doing this?

hi, can some one dum that done for me and give me clear buld instructuons for ubunte mate on raspi 2?