Compiz on MATE; thumbnails in particular


So, I’m set up in mate; installing things. But what’s completely killing me is the lack of window thumbnails I had asked about this before and was advised to make a general thread about incompatibilities (read: bugs) that happen when you use compiz, which is apparently the popular choice for handling thumnail previews of windows in general.

These are the problems that I’ve had, but I bet there’s more that others have experience so hence a general comiz thread:

The doc is only shows one window thumbnail per application; (the active window).

The taskbar only shows thumbnails on mouse-over some of the time (and I still can’t figure out what the reasons is- when it will or when it stops). Is there a hack to fix that at least? That would go a long way…

I’m told that this is a symptom of compiz as well: Arrow keys don’t work on the alt-tab list, I have to do shift-tab to go backwards, but arrow keys don’t do it as in other WM’s (and windows). Actually alt-tab, half the time it doesn’t even show thumbnails either, it shows just the icon of the application. (I bet that’s related to the taskbar thumbs not showing up too, right…)

Regular ubuntu (gnome I guess) seems to do such thinks out of the box, but it’s killing me in mate. I really just can’t use this anymore. So if this can’t be fixed my next question is- can I just switch to gnome and it’ll be the same as running regular ubuntu, or should I throw everything out and reinstall ubuntu/gnome entirely?

Does anyone else have compiz problems and/or workarounds/hacks? Or maybe something nifty to put on top of MATE, like some application or something…