Complete sentences?

What is this bollocks? I attempt to type something in a thread and I am slapped with some odd grammar error. Can someone explain what Discourse on this server defines as a complete sentence?

Please could you paste the “incorrect” sentence in question, and whether this was a title or body?

It’s possible Discourse identified the sentence as too short or lacks detail.

I’ve had this happen to me with a thread title a while ago… I spent a good three minutes trying to come up with something short that had punch, then had it get revoked by a hypothetical “grammar police bot”.

I went to bed shortly after, but I was just trying to post something funny in the Batman wallpaper thread in MS / A and I got denied.

…Then the grammar police not only cuffed me, but tased me, beaten me and threw me in a cell for several hours before letting me try again, but not until I participated in a seminar about how to speak proper English and had physical proof of participation to show the authoritarian grammar nazi who oversaw my sentencing.

Jokes aside, I get why it is there but do we really need it?

That “xxx seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?” appears when the post is invalid, it doesn’t actually validate grammar at all AFAIK. Chances are, there wasn’t enough entropy of characters.

Overall, that’s probably a good thing, as this validation check will prevent single posts of “thanks” or “me too!” or “help plzzz” (reasons being, they don’t contribute to the topic and can be seen as spammy), in those cases, the like button is designed for that sort of acknowledgement instead.

So… I don’t see it as a problem. We’ve just been sticking with Discourse’s sane defaults.

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