Configurtion file for mate themes color scheme

Which file holds traditional OK scheme color?


Four of them. Yes, really. Plus half a dozen SVGs with cyan hardcoded in them, and half a dozen icons with cyan baked into them.

Unless you REALLY can't stand it, and are willing to burn days of time fixing things, just don't bother. I've repaired MOST of the pieces already, and will hopefully get the remaining parts into 20.04 along with the return of actual color choice for at least SOME themes, and that one will be first.
(I'll publish the theme before then, at which point changing the colors will "only" take you about an hour, if you don't want to wait til next year but aren't desperate to change things immediately).


Tks. I am waiting for. No problem.

Thanks for doing this work.
I have used Clearlooks/Clearlooks-Phenix/TraditionalOk since 2009...
I have always been happy with the GTK2 version, but the GTK3 version has gone up and down in quality. One thing that is missing from the GTK3 version is rounded corners on selected items in file managers. I'm not asking you to bring it back, just want to know if you think it is possible. See screenshot of recolored TraditionalOk GTK2 version with default rounded corners on selected objects. The GTK3 version does look very square in comparison.


IDK, TBH. (acronyms 4tw! :P) - I never use anything but the List view. And my 19.10 workstation is literally in pieces right now, so I can't even check! But since you've brought it up, I'll check once I'm done with that maintenance, and I'll look into making it happen if it's viable and not a huge PITA. :slight_smile:

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