Connect DSLR Camera

I'm trying to connect my DSLR Camera via a USB cable; to view (and then edit) Raw files.
My HP 8300 SFF doesn't even acknowledge that anything is even connected.
Camera connected previously and, successfully, to my HP laptop running windows 10.

FYI, I have previously connected my android phone without issue.
I also used my mouse in the same USB port. So I know it's not the port that's the problem.

Any help will be appreciated.

In this situation I would be looking for a place (on the camera) to allow the HP 8300 to connect - I've had this sort of thing several times with different cameras and PCs.

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try using a card reader connected to the computer instead of connecting the dslr directly

You'd never guess what the problem was.
I was using a USB cable with built in ferrite core.
It was just the nearest cable I had. I didn't even think it would make any difference.