Contacting Ubuntu Forum

I went on a fishing trip to Canada for a week. When I got back I had been locked out of this forum. I suspect someone purposely used my IP address to violate the terms of this site. There is no way to contact the forum if you get locked out by a malicious person's actions.

I got lucky, I contacted a person that is a member here and works on another Linux site were they gave his email. The next day I was able to login.

There should be a way to contact someone if you get locked out. Hopefully something can be done. I had been ready to give up on Ubuntu Mate and move on because of this incident. Forum participation and help are very important.

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Sorry to hear that. It looks like lock out was a side effect of a spam influx on the 15th June.

The logs show the system deciding to "roll up IP blocks" (consolidating a range of IP addresses) but ironically, that range belongs to Cloudflare - but our Discourse is behind Cloudflare too!

The forum does store the IP address of each user, and the registration IP too. Back in the early days (~2017?), I remember notifying the configuration wasn't set right so all the IPs appeared like they came from the same one (a Cloudflare IP) -- for old accounts that is the case! It's very likely that due to blocking the spammer, it had a knock on effect.

From what I can see, these IP blocks were removed. Thank you @ricmarques.

Regarding the contact, there is an 'emergency' email at the bottom of the about page. We don't see much of @Wimpy around here, so maybe we need to change it.