Convinced friend to move to Ubuntu Mate from Windows 8

Hi all,

Recently my friend was stuck with Windows 8 on his laptop and was waiting for the free Windows 10 upgrade. I told him he could have a great experience with Ubuntu Mate. The conversation went like this:

Friend: “What is this Ubuntu Mate you speak about?”
Me: “It’s a Linux Based Distribution”
Friend: “Don’t you have to be a programmer or have that level of knowledge to use Linux?”
Me: “You’re probably right… if its the early 90s! Don’t you have an Android Phone?”
Friend: “Yep”
Me: “You’re using a device that runs linux”
Friend: “I thought Android was run by Google”
Me: “Android is a Google product but it runs on the Linux kernal”

Anyway I created a video for him with Kdenlive showing him many things I think an average user may do on a day to day basis. You can see Here.

Anyway… he bit today and I installed it on his PC… I also told him its safer than Windows in terms of malware and viruses… and Linux is more secure by design…

Another bites the dust!


This is outstanding! I really love the video, i’m going to have to share it!

@Vik Nice story and great video :slight_smile:

Great stuff - very “real-life”.

I think I should move to Canada given the transfer speed of the Ubuntu archives shown :disappointed:

Great Story and my mission with UM as well. I know to many Win8 users those are not liking the OS and/ore had a ransoftware on they’re PC and I think UM could be a real alternative! I will see the Video as soon AS I have WiFi…


I was intrigued by your story and wanted to watch the vid and all I got was the "Gema Brushoff":

Unfortunately, this video is not available in your country because it could contain music from SME, for which we could not agree on conditions of use with GEMA.

Thanks anyway. :smiley:

I have done the same with my father, it’s not so much the OS that is the issue but the peripherals, mainly for me a rotten Fuji-Xerox colour printer… It is a GDI style and there seems to be no real solution for it. I will buy him a Brother printer. ALWAYS, ALWAYS make sure all the peripherals work if you want a user to stick with it… that’s my hint…

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GDI printers are a crock - they will never have a third-party solution because they are tied to Windows by design. Some genius had the bright idea of making the computer, rather than the printer, do big chunks of the processing to produce the printed page. That was all very well as long as “Windows was forever” - I suspect they are yet another piece of redundant or misguided technology Microsoft has to drag around like an anchor when developing a new operating system :mask: