Could the Lubuntu Software Center be used instead of USC?

I know why the USC is installed, there needs to be a means of helping people find new applications and easily install them.

My question is what do you think about replacing the USC with the LSC from Lubuntu? The LSC is much lighter and doesn’t have any sluggishness that the USC is notorious for. The LSC scans through all of the same software so effectively accomplishes the same thing that USC does but with less overhead and frustration.

@Wimpy what do you think of replacing the USC with the LSC? (it seems to be a separate package in the Ubuntu official repo so it might fit as a step-in replacement)

This has been suggested a couple of times, but the reason I’m using USC is so people can access prior purchases. Yes, they do exist and they helped fix USC on Ubuntu MATE because it was originally unable to authenticate against Ubuntu One.

I’m potentially interested in forking the Lubuntu Software Center, but don’t have the time right now :cry:

My bad, I did search but I couldn't find the Lubuntu one mentioned ever.

I never even thought of that. That is a very good point so nevermind. :slight_smile: