CPU High when doing simple actions

I made a clean reinstall of Ubuntu Mate 15.10 ,and now when i open Firefox and I simply watch something on youtube,my CPU is around 25-30%,which is too much,its usually was around 8% on my last experience.
And its kinda over heating when doing nothing.

Do you have an AMD or NVIDIA graphics card on the machine?

Installing their proprietary drivers could make a difference, as they provide hardware acceleration to take load off the CPU and manage the temperature more efficently.

This had been the case with other users who left the open source drivers installed. You can install them in System > Preferences > Hardware > Additional Drivers.

If there’s an Intel graphics chip inside, their drivers are open source, but could also of had changes affecting your system since 15.04, if this overload is caused by the graphics.

I have nVidia,I tried both drivers,sad story same results.

But I had my laptop on idle,and when I went back at watching stuff on youtube seems like is not over heating so much as it did a few hours ago.
Still,there is a little heat that shouldn’t be.

First time it does this. :slight_smile:

You can use the system monitor to see what processes are in high use or in terminal with the command


…yes,I know. :smile:
But I guess the problem is related to driver incompatibility or hardware issues(Which is less likely to happen,but who knows.)

If your NVIDIA card is fairly new and isn't the "legacy driver", try these more up-to-date packaged drivers from this official Ubuntu PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt-get update

When you say "on my last experience", are you referring to 15.04 or earlier? It could well be the newer kernel being the culprit.

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No,when I say “made a clean reinstall of Ubuntu mate 15.10” i mean that i reinstalled ubuntu mate 15.10,which is pretty much erasing the disk and installing the same version. :smile:

I don’t consider that to be to high, but without knowing your system specs it would be hard to even guess. If you have a single core cpu then that would be acceptable imo. If your computer is old and even dirty on the inside, it might need a cleaning. RAM would be a factor also, but not so much if you have a weak CPU. Also where the pc is located, temp etc. If a laptop make sure not to block the cooling intakes.

Flash player may also be the culprit since it is notorious for high CPU usage, and heating as a result.

I would recommend that you try the HTML5 player…

If Youtube is using Flash, try going through https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1wpavp/how_to_enable_vdpau_acceleration_for_accelerated/ for your Nvidia binary driver and on my Acer C720 chromebook (albeit using Intel hardware and libvdpau-va-gl1), 1080p youtube videos use very little CPU.

I guess an i7 with 16G ram is enough said.

Lets say the computer was old,in the last installation how it way,way,waay more lower in cpu then now?

Ok, you have the horse power. To me, this just points back to a driver issue. I run a similar setup (16.04 and geForce) and would not be happy with that kind of cpu useage.

What kernel are you running and is xorg showing up as a top cpu user?

I did a clean reinstall,again… with the same setup,same drivers… and now its working just fine.
I have no idea what it happen.


And yes,xorg it is a top cpu user.
But thats for now,after i reinstalled it,i have no idea what it was back then.

It can happen, a bad install.

You got it working, congratulations