Crash reporter with Seamonkey

I am having frequent problems with Crash Reporter showing up whenever I use Seamonkey.

I have tried re-installing it as well as using a new profile.

It is so frustrating.

Can someone please help?

I found that going to is causing the crashes.

Can someone else see if that occurs with their use of Seamonkey?

Is this SeaMonkey from the Ubuntu repositories? From a PPA? From a tarball? Where did you get SeaMonkey from?

What version of SeaMonkey are you talking about? (I don't know about SeaMonkey, but most other Mozilla-based browsers have an About [Browser Name] menu entry, usually under the Help menu. This usually reveals the version number. If that fails, type about: into the URL bar of a new tab / window, and that should tell you.)

Try running SeaMonkey from the terminal, and let's see what kinds of output you get on the terminal screen.

Once we have that information, then we can probably figure out what's wrong and rectify it.

Thanks in advance.

This is what I get started from the terminal.

andy@7_~$ seamonkey

I went ahead and switched to another search engine and get no crashes with it.

So, you're telling me that you get no messages printed on the terminal even when you intentionally try to crash the browser? Because I want to know what's printed when the browser crashes.

Here is what happens after the crash.

I'd personally say check the box to tell Mozilla about the crash; I'm out of ideas, and maybe they can do something.

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Thanks for your help.