Cron.hourly causing BriskMenuFactory explosion in syslog

I reset syslog with > /var/log/syslog at 15:18:22 (local time)
Screenshot at 2020-06-27 17-45-53
It stayed at about 1.8KB and 124 lines for almost two hours until 17:17:01
Screenshot at 2020-06-27 17-48-41
After executing /etc/cron.hourly, BriskMenuFactory entries in syslog exploded
Screenshot at 2020-06-27 17-50-04
And within 4 minutes, over 2.9 MILLION entries were added to syslog.
The only thing in /etc/cron.hourly is an empty, hidden .placeholder file to keep dpkg from removing the directory.
Does anyone have any idea what is causing this?

Hi :slight_smile:

No idea ... for me it has normal behavior but i can advise you to remove it and add it again in the panel.
A reinstall can maybe solve your issue.