Crowdsourcing details of Ubuntu 18.04 Distros, Flavors & Debian derivatives



To have new better Bug#1 fixing so people can find wich for comparison should b installed, for current and new users, of all Ubuntu distros, im asking for crowdsourcing help of everyone working together to share knowledge together in one spreadsheet.
At start 7 Ubuntu Flavors Compared: Kubuntu vs. Lubuntu vs. Xubuntu vs. MATE vs. Budgie vs. Studio. First the most popular ones and then also others which has some good speed or productivity options, like shorcuts and windows snapping and lightweight.
Google spreadsheet
Anyone can add more details for each distro
Lets compare speed, lightness, Ram, installation usage and what apps each one has. Adding also other derivatives, which are recommended for speed or new users to fix Bug#1 that people some are using windows.



Idle CPU (row 10) is heavily dependent on what CPU you are using. An i7 is going to idle at a smaller value than an i3. You instead may want to put something like minimum recommended CPU from the website. Just a suggestion.


Yes, how to measure that better on different CPU? Also good to know if on
low cpu or old cpu it will show different or some other way mesured
consatant measurement. For example problem i have is one 1GB ram and
celereon 465 working a bit. Bechmark it has 436. So some a low container
esuremet how to make and understand that its good on low one ok so useful
on faster one. But no one cares on distro without goof shortcuts or no
special options. So thats why at least we try to put ll info about those
who has productivity apps and then not working in low speed cpu or not goof
ram, but some yes works. That all is important cuz computer aliens will not
know to know the fixes and removals of apps to change so that it works

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