Decrypting external ssd fails

I have an external ssd with ubuntu-mate installed.
I get an error message trying to mount it

(Unable to mount encrypted, Operation cancelled)

Funny thing is, I always get the error message however on some computers it works
(disk is decrypted and mounted) and on others it does not. :confused:

What tool was used to encrypt this SSD? Could you show us a screengrab of what this SSD looks like as viewed by Disks (formerly the GNOME Disk Utility)?

Just a normal UM installation with luks disk encryption enabled during installation. Nothing custom or fancy.


Although I can confirm it 'does' get unlocked, its not getting mounted on some machines. (not visible in caja :frowning_face:)

You can reproduce this by installing UM onto an external SSD
and then plug it in another computer with UM installed.