Delayed printing launch

I have bought a new printer, namely DCP_L3550CDW and tend to connect it via cable. Ubuntu seems not to need any installation, but I wonder why the launch of printing is often delayed and why sometimes I need to restart. Document Print Statues leaves notes like "delayed", "held", and "pending" and if I refresh the job nothing is happening.

I wonder, if there is a detailed manual, how to print via wifi, as I am not able to set it by myself and if the printer has to be wake up from a sleep mode if I send a job and finally what caused delays in printing launch.

Could it be the printer is idle and needs to warm up prior to printing?

There are manuals, available online and to download.
My experience, with an older Brother wireless printer, says they provide plenty of help in setting up and using.
I think you can always expect some warm-up delays.

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Probably now. Sometimes it starts immediately sometimes no. I started to use a wi-fi connection to the printer and the problem is the same. Sometimes nothing happens and I have to restart the computer to be able to print at all.

What type of items are you printing when it fails and when it works for you? Text document, complex graphics.

Here Manual Link:

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