Desktop Launcher no longer responds

I have an application that has been working for a couple of months, but in the last week will not lauch from the icon on the desktop, or in menus. If I open it under administrator priviledges it runs. If I run as an ordinary user absolutely nothing happens.
The program is 'BlueGriffon" which I am quite pleased with and appears to be very well written. I copied the decompressed files to /opt/ to try to the right thing, but somewhere I appear to have stuffed up the permissions. I have run these two commands in the hope it might be fixed -

sudo chown root:root /opt -R
sudo chmod 0755 /opt -R

but with no success. As it not installed with Synaptic I can't just ask for a reinstall.
When it initially worked I thought I had been very clever, but now that it doesn't work and I can't trace the fault, my confidence is back to newbie status. So any advice/method that might track it down would greatly appreciated.


First of all, if you decompress an application to /opt it is best practice to do so to a new folder, like /opt/bluegriffon/.

Could you try the following? Open up a terminal and start it manually. Like /opt/bluegriffon

If you get an error message please post it here

Thank you for your interest and assistance Gerald (wizd3m).

I have now got some output now in the form of the Terminal listing end
ending in “*** Blocklist::_loadBlocklist: no XML File found”. (See
Attachment) However it does not run and I ctrl-C’ed to exit. However if
I right click on the Desktop Launcher and “Open as Administrator” it
runs. However now that I have checked it in this mode there is no
serial number or registration entered (which I have purchased). I
suspect that the program is running in the limited “Free” mode and not
getting to the error that my purchased version is hitting?
I don’t recall playing with any “Blocklist” feature and certainly do not
delete XML files experimentally, so I am completely unclear how I could
have removed it.
Googling bluegriffon and “Blacklist XML” shows up links, but they seem
to mention the browser as well as BlueGriffon. I use Chromium usually,
and it appears OK.

Any hints gratefully taken, cheers, Rob

Somehow this has fixed itself. I ran it to day and it just worked. I
suspect that some other program that I have run in the interim has
created the missing file and now BlueGriffon is happy, and so am I.
However obscure error messages are a pain! Thank you for your interest.

I believe it was the setting in BlueGriffon to check for Updates and either the program, or more likely the URL on their site, is non functional, and the program waits intil the request times out. Turning off this feature has cured it 99%. I have requested information from the BlueGriffon people a number of times. So if you think registering will provide you better service, then keep your money. Manually adding this “StartupNotify=true” to the .desktop file I created was handy debuging as well as it pops up a temporary listing in the Panel as soon as the program is requested to run, which is just reassuring that something has happened. I have sisnce added to other applications whose .desktop file don’t do as well.

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