Desktop Layout Resets at login

Hello Ubuntu MATE forums,

I recently installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu MATE 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish on my 10 year old PC. The only problem this installation has given me is the reset of my Desktop Layout(MATE Tweak) on login.
I use the Cupertino desktop layout but every time I login to the system, the tray icons(system tray,sound control,calendar etc.) are missing until I change the layout to something else and then change it back to Cupertino.

Here's how it should look:

And how it looks at login:

Can somebody help me solve this please?

Since your computer is a bit older and not that fast anymore, there is a slight possibility that the ayatana indicators are started before the desktop is ready.

You could try to delay the ayatana indicators here:

Set the delay somewhere between 1 and 3 seconds (inclusive)
You will probably have to do that for every startup program that has a name starting with 'Ayatana'

I might be mistaken but it is nevertheless worth a try :slight_smile: