Developing a Window Buttons Applet for Mate



Can you elaborate on what you mean by “package the themes”?


@IndiJones76 I plan to add dynamic theme loading and they could be selected from the applet properties . The extra themes are made by brokoli , not me . So if I put them all in my repository it will be a bad thing .

@Wimpy Have to be more clear , sorry . The themes made by @brokoli .


Packaging has commenced. I’ll provide a PPA soon.


Thats a great news. :smiley:


Ok, i forked the repository from @brokoli and added icon themes for Numix an Arc.
i will add more themes soon.





Where’s the ppa, do you have any predictions yet?


You can freely add all my themes to repozitory. I don’t mind and even would be pleased :slight_smile:


@IvCHo mate-window-applets is packages for Debian/Ubuntu and upload to Debian unstable awaiting final review.

@brokoli @IndiJones76 I would like to ship your themes for mate-window-applets in Ubuntu MATE 18.04. Can you please make sure you update your GitHub repos to clearly license your work so I can comply for packaging policies? Thanks!


what license should it be? Isn’t it already compatible? I’m new to all this stuff.


Usualy since its open source it needs to be either a gpl ,lgpl or mit .


@brokoli I see you’ve already selected GPLv3. So I’m good to go :slight_smile:


I also have the license on GPL v3.


I’ve add a new theme sinse last reply and improved arc theme behavior, so maybe you’ll want to use them.


Can’t open your repository. Have you delete it?


Yes I have . I moved to xfce for reasons + I don’t have mutch time . And I am not developing it anymore . I have a copy of the src if someone wan’ts to fork it.


There’s also the recently revived Window Buttons applet from GNOME Panel, if someone wants to fork it for MATE and share code between them.


I was thinking the same thing . The only thing need to be done is transition from the gnome-panel API to mate-panel API a.k.a rename some function names and replace libgnome panel applet with libmate panel applet , since mate panel applet and gnome panel ( from flashback ) originate from the old gnome panel code.


Maybe you can give me the copy so i can at least upload the current version if somebody want to install it?



I have uploaded them to github with all themes included. Thank you for source.