Difficulty in recovering my macosx files in mate

Ok, I have an iMac and I decided it was was time to get to a gnome 2 environment (again…).
Mate seemed the best choice, so I took it.
Everything, really everything seems to be working fine apart from one thing:
I cannot find a way (and I’m really embarrassed about it), to get back my files from my macosx backup!!!
Please, any idea would be very helpful (I don’t know it’s the first time I get confused with google answers…).

Thank you guys,

Are you saying you used something like Apple’s Timemachine backup software?
If so I’m afraid this stuff might encrypt the files on the external drive.

Linux/Ubuntu can read Mac HFS±formatted drives, but not (AFAIK) if they use Core Storage / logical volumes. Unfortunately Core Storage has been the default for the last few years. Time Machine and FileVault disk encryption also don’t work with Linux.

As someone who works in support, mostly with Macs, I’d recommend using a Mac system to copy the files to a drive with a format that both Mac and Linux support. Since Macs don’t support Linux formats like ext4 and only can read NTFS, I’d pick exFAT. I’ve found that exFAT is very easy to corrupt, so I’d suggest copying the files to a drive with a different format once they’ve been copied.

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managed to copy my backup on my mate.
then I used chmod and chown to make it “mine”,
still no result yet, I will keep on trying, thanks anyway,
I think I will have to use some friend’s mac…

thanks again a guys!!