Discourse & Google+: Why two communities?

Hi all,

Continuing the discussion from Plank and Advanced MATE Menu:

Why do we maintain two communities? Do they have different aims and objectives?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on one?

Any answer appreciated.

Thank you!

I don’t really get how this is a continuation of the discussion but let’s just say that a very small number of people use Google+. Sure, our esteemed leader is among them, but when it’s mentioned on the Ubuntu Podcast it’s as a joke. ^^
IMO this here is the main community, where we gather knowledge in an orderly fashion, as well as a nice meeting place.

@orschiro I thought that Google+ was meant to be for discussion and ideas, whereas this was for problem solving. Despite that, I have found that I get a quicker response to queries on Google+ !

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I’ll attempt to threadjack this brawl by saying that (a) usenet is the best for responsive interaction, (b) Discourse is pretty good but it’s still a web-app with all that entails, not nearly as convenient to read and interact through as an nttp client, © the world needs a new killer app this week so somebody build a new IRC client that mirrors onto a USENET server and can be accessed through a web interface for those who only come to play occasionally, and whoever builds such a thing could no doubt become rich and famous not to mention being a major babe-magnet with regard to the necessary gender. Oh, i forgot (d) and that’s i wouldn’t touch google+ with a barge pole any more than i’d mess with farcebork or twitter.

Now everybody please play nice and enjoy the day because we’re all special on this here short bus! :innocent:

In the other discussion, this comment caught my eye:

Unfortunately it doesn’t work, something is missing! I might ask again on Google+ Ubuntu MATE.

It makes it almost sound as if this beginner’s community cannot solve your problem, you better ask the professionals over on Google+.

This site remains the main community, and Google+ is just a social network, like the Facebook and Twitter channels. Some members use both, or only one or the other. There are other places too, like IRC (chat room) and Reddit.

We have the benefit of being organised and searchable while other channels are more “here and now”. When it comes to important announcements by @Wimpy, they’re posted here and on social networks equally. :slight_smile:


One of the bad things about having been around for a while is that new stuff like reddit comes along, and you remember when facebook and twitter first came out, and don’t even bother to look at it. Thanks for the reddit link.

I’m not seeing any mention of alt.os.linux.ubuntu on usenet, fwiw. I think that’s its name… we have programs for remembering these things.

The whole usenet-vs-webapp thing is interesting. Usenet is pretty immediate but then so are the battles since it’s unmoderated and heavily trolled. Web-apps are generally pretty lame in the UI department unless there’s heavy-duty javascript on the front end (eg Discourse), and i’m prejudiced against the whole idea of running totally unknown code on my machine just because it’s on a website.

“Oooh what a world”, said the old witch as she turned into a puff of greasy black smoke! :slight_smile: