Do You Use Google Products?


Do you use Google products such as Gmail, Maps, Youtube etc.?[poll type=regular]

  • Yes
  • No


If you are very exact everyone whose voting here uses Google products. :worried:

It is Google Analytics. Yes, also the UM website uses Google tracking tools.
In my opinion this is very questionable.

It would be nice to see the UM Website switch to Matomo :relaxed:

Mickey :slight_smile:


I don’t have a smartphone. Everything Google related that I use is on my desktop- just email checking and browsing…


My answer is, unfortunately, yes.

I use LineageOS on my phone, OpenStreetMaps, DuckDuckGo, Firefox. However, I use Google Photos to auto-backup and share photos with my family, and I also have a GMail account that I don’t really use much.

I don’t really need/use YouTube, and I browse with NoScript, so Google Analytics doesn’t run on my browser…

At work, however, my current client uses the full Google business suite, so I have no choice in the matter… I just open all that in container tabs and disallow third-party cookies.