Does MATE support dual G5 CPU´s

… or does it use only one CPU?

(I do not mean the dualcore CPUs, but two single core CPUs)

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Hi @Elowan,

take a look at the supported hardware page:

2.1.3. Multiple Processors

Multiprocessor support — also called “symmetric multiprocessing” or SMP — is available for this architecture. However, the standard Ubuntu 14.04 kernel image does not support SMP. This should not prevent installation, since the standard, non-SMP kernel should boot on SMP systems; the kernel will simply use the first CPU.

In order to take advantage of multiple processors, you'll have to replace the standard Ubuntu kernel. You can find a discussion of how to do this in Section 8.6, “Compiling a New Kernel”. At this time (kernel version 3.13) the way you enable SMP is to select “Symmetric multi-processing support” in the “Platform support” section of the kernel config.

this refers to 14.04 - still the same in 16.04 ???

Is there a more recent kernel in 16.04.? (I think 4.16. or so should be one of the latest ppc kernels)
Will installing latest ppc kernel enable Multi CPU Support?
Or did I have to patch the kernel, even if it´s the latest Version?

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Try a live disk of 16.04 and see if it runs in live mode, if it does, it should be safe to install, the final (16.04 LTS) will be ready at the end of April!. :smiley:

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hmmm, right - but still:

Is Multi CPU Support working?

"...way you enable SMP is to select “Symmetric multi-processing support” in the “Platform support” section of the kernel config. "

does this still apply to latest kernel (or the kernel in 16.04?)

does nobody have a clue ?

I honestly don’t know as I don’t use it!. Have you tried the Live CD and did it work okay in the meantime?. :smiley:

No, my PowerMac will arrive tomorrow (hopefully) so…

Who may know if the “SMP Thing” must still be activated?
Where do I find These “Platfom Support section of kernel.config”?

SMP support is in the kernel config for both the G4 and G5 CPUs. The G4 support lists up to
4 CPUs. I don’t know what the limit for the G5 is.

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G5 powerpc64 kernels support up to 8 CPUs.

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thanks, but I can not test it, because the live-DVD does not work.

It hangs on "9.x modalias failure" (see image)

Other OS (osx 10.4 and 10.5 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS live CD) are working ok.
The 16.04. Version I got, is from 2015-03-06 (a daily build) that I successfully installed on a mac mini.

So it´s just not working on a G5, at least not on a Dual CPU model :frowning:

I am running Ubuntu-MATE 15.10 on a Powermac G5 dual 2.0. Based on the system monitor visible in this screen capture, it would appear that it does use both processors. Hopefully this answers Elowan's questions, but I am very new to linux and apologize if this is not a scientific approach. Oddly, the processor speed was initially reported as 2000mhz but by the time I took the screenshot it was showing 1304.40.


NVidia or ATI Radeon graphics?

I think most of the problems are still with Kernel Mode Setting.

ATI Radeon 9650 256mb

I am on ATI 9600 PRO 128MB card. Does this matter?

Does 16.10 work on your 2.0 Dual?

Seems like 15.10 does work - and maybe the reported 1.3Ghz is in power save mode and get up to 2.0, when CPU gets more load?

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I’ve not tried anything other than 15.10 at this point.

Ok, maybe you get the chance to try the live dvd.

I think it would be good to have 16.04 working on PowerMac G5 dual CPU because it is going to be a LTS release.

The maintainers should really make sure to have 16.04 working on as much machines as possible.

Best regards

Any news or fixes, yet?

Where do I need to report this Bug, so it gets adressed?

Man, I tried to Report this issue, but I failed navigating and using this site oO

Any News, if the 16.04. LTS release will be fixed for dual G5´s ?