Does upgrading to new version require reinstall?

Sorry for all the newb questions, but I’m loving 16.04 Ubuntu Mate. I’m aware that the full LTS version will be released in April, but I’m wondering how easy it will be to upgrade. I’ve invested a lot of time configuring the current version so I’m wondering if it will be a pain to upgrade once the LTS version comes out.

Am I going to have to reinstall a new OS or is it going to be something that is simple? Thanks in advanced for your time.

Upgrades are suppose to be seamless, but there will always be a risk, however small.

If you have 14o4 LTS installed, then in theory you can go direct to 16o4 and skip the interm releases with a version upgrade.

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If you started out with 16.04 Alpha or Beta installations, it is for the best to start with a fresh install as these are rough edges that may cause hiccups later.

After official release you can update the entire development build of 16.04 which will give you roughly the same as a fresh 16.04 installation would do.

If you mean from 15.10 (current release) to 16.04, then @anon42388993 is spot on. I’ve found my upgrades go well, but I’d always advise backing up first.

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Okay thanks, guys. Sound like I just need to backup when the time comes. If anything out of the ordinary occurs I’ll have to wipe clean and reinstall/reconfigure.

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