Dual Monitors - Issue Saving Xconfig file with "NVidia-settings

Running Ubuntu Mate 19.10 with NVidia GPUs and Two Dell Monitors (Ultrasharp 27inch 2560x1440). Using Nvidia Settings I can save a config designating the primary and secondary monitors (to my home director) however there isn't any way to make this display config my default and boot or login. According to the help files, not supposed to use the /etc/X11 for saving display configs and they are buried somewhere else like /usr/share. Can someone help or explain where I can save my .config file in order to keep my monitor setup using the nvidia-settings or similar commands especially when booting. I am runing NVidia drivers 435.21.

Hi :slight_smile:
Same problem here, tried different options suggested, but none of them seems to work :frowning: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.
Is this a bug ?
posted : 19.10 Dual Monitor NVidia Settings not persistent

My post here, to a different problem, might help you:


I have same 2 monitors on my Entroware laptop, and it boots to 1 of the Dell's as main monitor every time. 18.04 and nVidia 3.90.116, but I don't think it makes any difference as it isn't a nVidia-settings issue per se.

So I do not have a monitors.xml file in my config directory. I search the entire home directory for one such file and no I do not have one. Also I check the file that was generated by nvidia-settings its not in an XML format. Not sure why and not sure why there isn't any documentation on setting this up???

OK seems information from your previous posts worked. Use MATE's "Display" menu command to set the windowing position. Use "nvidia-settings" to control properties of the video card in your systems.