E-mails are now working again?

I have not received any notifications in a long while. Are e-mails really working?

Email was fixed a while back. I sent you a test email. Maybe @lah7 can take a look.

Last one I got was from April fools day. xD

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Received a PM from you. No e-mail. Last e-mail came back in February,

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E-mails are being sent out for your account. E-mails from @anon42388993’s PM and this topic were sent out 6 hours ago.

Please do double check your e-mail address in the preferences, and check e-mails from @ubuntu-mate.community are not being filtered as spam / junk folder.

Still nothing. SPAM/Junk folders are empty. So unless the filter is at a higher level I am not getting e-mail. I can try a different e-mail address.

I’ll send another email when your ready.

I changed address to a gmail account and successfully completed the verification step.



Email message received from jaybo.

I received two posts in gmail. One in the inbox, one in the spam.

Is there any chance "@ubuntu-mate.community" is on some kind of black list. Just don't understand why the other address did not work. In a few days I will try switching back just to see what happens. Thanks for your help.

So I tried going back to my original e-mail. Verification mail was never received. Is there anyway to know if there is an error sending to my original address?

Also, mail host confirms they are not blocking. Confirmation of any error would be helpful.

== == == == == == Forwarded message == == == == == ==
From : WebHostingPad Support[email protected]
Date : Wed, 05 Apr 2017 08:47:07 -0400
Subject : [#BXT-690801]:
== == == == == == Forwarded message == == == == == ==
do not block any emails from @ubuntu-mate.community domain. If you are
unable to receive emails from certain domain or email addresses, it is
most likely an issue with the sending mail server.

If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank You,

Just FYI: Domain ubuntu-mate.community is not on any blacklists. Check here.

They also seem to be using G Suite (former Google Apps) to handle their mail, so it’s very unlikely those servers would end up being blacklisted.

My email stopped working a while ago (3months) and nothing I did would fire it back up again. I need help also. Cheers, Rob

I had to use a new e-mail address to get it working again

@robwlakes The system has been sending e-mails to your address also – but I don’t have access to the host logs that might indicate why you’re not able to receive them.

As far as Discourse is aware, they’ve been sent, I’d suggest double checking your junk settings, or trying a different e-mail address.

It seems that non-mainstream e-mail addresses are having a bit of a problem.

Thanks @lah7. I am really stumped as I can get my regular emails from three main places, Thunderbird on U-Mate, K-9 on my Android, and occasionally via Web Client on Bigpond.com (myISP). The only filtering I have implemented is on the Thunderbird. The other two methods which previously could recieve the U-Mate Community email worked OK. However I don’t want to set up a whole new account. (I have too many zombie accounts accounts out there in cyberspace preying on y conscience already). However I don’t want to keep enlisting the help of others if this is not e general problem which may help others. I can try the different email address fairly easily, and it is a g-mail, so it should be pretty standard.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Well good news, U-Mate Community appears to be working through GMail as I have followed this up from a summary that arrived in my GMail account within the last hour. I will try the revert trick back to my original ISP account and see if that remedies the original problem email address (my main and most convenient address).
Thanks for people being patient with this,

I had to switch to my Gmail as well to receive e-mail once again from U-Mate Community.

Our email provider is Zoho, as far as I’m aware (correct me if I’m wrong @Wimpy). Not that I would think they’d be any blacklists on either side.

Works (and always did) fine on my gmx account. Just a FYI, since this definitely does not seem to be a problem on the Discourse side.