Editing Main Menu in Ubuntu 18.04

Even when I uncheck items, they continue to appear in the Main Menu. Is there another way to edit this other than Applications/Accessories/MainMenu?

Which items are you referring to? Or is it all menu items?

Pretty much all items. For example, Graphics/Shotwell and Shotwell Viewer. It does not seem to matter which categories.

have you tried accessing the main menu editor via a right click/edit menu from the main menu icon on the panel? I am wondering of this is a permissions issue and if accessing it the way I have just said might resolve that. Let me know and, if it still does not work, I have another suggestion.

Hi, and thanks for responding. I do not have a Main Menu icon on the top panel. I have tried using alacarte to edit the menu, both as a user and as root, but that did not change anything.

If you don’t have a main menu icon in the left hand end of the top panel, what interface are you using? Additionally, you should have Mozo installed by default. Are you using UM or are you using Mate installed over the top of something else?

I have a circle with a right-pointing arrow at the top left of the upper panel, followed by text: Applications, Places, System. I am running Ubuntu 18.04, upgraded from 16.04. I installed mate (via apt), so it is running on top of Ubuntu.

Don’t know what Mozo is.

Ok, fair enough.

The first thing you need to do, then, is install mozo

Open a terminal and issue the following command:

sudo apt-get install mozo

Then, log out and back in

Then, at the main menu icon, on the left end of the top panel, right click the menu icon and you should see “edit menus” as one of the options. Choose that and try and make some changes. Then report back here to let me know if it worked.

Success!!! Thanks so much!

Cah you tell me something about mozo?

Glad to hear it.

Mozo is a Mate specific fork of Alacarte. So, I am guessing it is better integrated into the Mate desktop environment.

You will probably find you have two menu editors in your system menu now. So, either uninstall Alacarte:

sudo apt-get remove alacarte

sudo apt-get purge alacarte

sudo apt-get autoremove

sudo apt-get update

Or, simply remove/hide the Alacarte launcher, leaving only the Mozo launcher. You should also probably find that menu editing will work from the Mozo launcher in your system preferences menu now, as well as working from right clicking the main menu icon, as you have just done.

Thanks again, Steve – much appreciated! However, I cannot find a Mozo launcher anywhere, and nothing in System/Preferences either.

Have you logged out and back in? Sometimes the launcher does not appear till then.

However, I sometimes find the odd program will not appear in the menu after installation. This especially happens if I have a bit of a novel built system, such as yours.

That being the case, all you need to do is manually make a new menu entry for Mozo in the appropriate main menu sub-folder of your choice.

Alternatively, it may be in your main menu. But, not where you are looking. Have a look in the “system tools” menu. It might be there.

I added it to system tools. Does Mozo have other uses besides editing the menus?

No, it is just a menu editor.

When I launch mozo from the command line (no icons anywhere) I get alacarte.

mozo is a fork of alacarte. They look almost identical

sir how do i change my ubuntu menu. i cant even move items out of folder. and i cannot customize anything. no options at all