eMac G4 1.25 GHz Retail model issues

I could use some much needed help with getting anything newer than Xubuntu 12.04 LTS up and running on this piece of crap! The Radeon 9200 works just fine under 12.04 (probably based on Debian 7.11 which doesn’t surprise me as that works too), but 14.04 and 16.04 is completely broken after install, and as for the live media… black screen after initial loading. Don’t try to steer me towards BSD as that’s something I have tried and I don’t have several hours to waste compiling stuff.

Maybe try installing 12.04, then upgrading your 12.04 install to 14.04 and then to 16.04.

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That ended up working for me, although I am limited to 1024x768 and I had to clear my Software sources and re add them again as stuff was failing to install. Sysinfo is broken (clicking on the system tab crashes it, possibly due to it unable to identify the system aside from model identifier for some reason?)

It only works when I boot using Trusty Tahr’s kernel, as the one present in 16.04.5 gave me a blank screen. I did fix this by uninstalling the newer kernel and renaming the shortcuts to vmlinux.old and initrd.old (the 3.13 kernel) to their respective regular names. I do notice that it doesn’t feel like there’s any acceleration though. I’m curious, is the eMac even a supported series of PowerPC Mac after 12.04?

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