Enabling SSHon 16.04

I have fresh install of Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on rpi3. SSH is installed out of box. I can not find anything to be wrong with config_sshd file. service sshd status command gives me active (running) since boot time. However I cannot connect to it with putty.
I have RPI2 with Raspbian Jessie installed which works OK with putty. I compared installation of SSH between both and was not able to find why one is working (Raspbian) and the other (Ubuntu) is not.
So, evidently I am missing something. Should I try to uninstall/reinstall SSH or there are things I should try before I resort to ‘drastic’ things??

You can attempt to SSH into the back locally to check the service is definitely working:

ssh pi@localhost
  • (Replacing pi with your user name)

This would rule out if it’s a SSH server problem, an issue with PuTTY or a connection misconfiguration.

I did as you suggested and SSH ran just fine locally. Yet I still could not connect to RPI from outside PC (windows/putty). Then I tried to ssh from my other RPI. It generated the key and then worked. After that initial connection was able to connect from windows/putty! Same thing happened with SFTP. I could non connect with Filezilla on windows before I once connected from the other RPI. After that everything worked just fine.
Thanks for the helpful advice. It is simple, if I only knew it :slight_smile:

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