Enabling the Compiz Cube

This has come up in a few discussions and I didn't see a procedure so thought I'd write one. I have become dependent on compiz Enhanced Zoom Desktop but always enable the cube, too.

This procedure was checked out in a virtual machine running Ubuntu-Mate 16.04, Mate 1.12.1, with all compiz settings at default. You should be default if you've never enabled compiz or run CCSM.

In Mate Tweak, you can set compiz to all defaults with a button IF compiz is enabled. It's not a bad idea to first enable compiz and make sure it's stable enough to continue.

YOU DO NOT NEED COMPIZ RUNNING! All the CCSM settings can be done while running Marco, no problem. Just switch on compiz after everything is set.

CCSM is short for CompizConfig Settings Manager. It is not installed by default.

Install and launch CCSM

sudo apt install compizconfig-settings-manager

Launch it in System -> Preferences -> Look and Feel -> CompizConfig Settings Manager

Avoiding Conflicts
This can be skipped if you are compiz experienced. CCSM contains an elaborate conflict resolving scheme that's a bit wordy and confusing to new users. That's why it's nice to avoid with these steps.

Under the heading "Desktop" is the Viewport Switcher. Click it and tab to "Go to specific viewport".
You'll find "Switch to Viewport 1" set to <Super>Home. Disable it using any of 3 ways but the quickest is that paint brush button sets to the default value which is "Disabled".

Hit the "Back" button in the lower left to return to the main CCSM screen.

Also under the heading "Desktop" is the Desktop Wall. Uncheck it (this disables it).

Enable Desktop Cube and Rotate Cube
These are also under the heading "Desktop".
Enable them with a check.
You're ready to go!

Check it out
If you haven't enabled compiz in Mate Tweak, do it now.

Point mouse cursor at the desktop (not on an app) and click the middle (scroll) button to move the cube with the mouse.

Press <Control><Alt> and use the left mouse button to do the same anywhere on the desktop.

I don't care for many of the default cube settings but won't go into detail here. I do suggest experimenting within Desktop Cube and Rotate Cube to learn the flavor of compiz in general. It's pretty safe to try things here.

All Comments Welcome!


If one follows all the terminal stuff in this guide about Compiz Reloaded I wrote some time ago, then there is something neat which goes with the desktop cube.

Just, MATE Dock acts stupid with it, mate-tweak thinks you’re using something unsupported when you enable Compiz and there are some other function issues that may be encountered by using an outdated version, but despite the bugs the extra practical and aesthetic functions it provides are welcome. The particular reason I bring it up here is for the Screen Saver plugin CCSM 0.8 provides, which can be flying windows or a rotating desktop cube.