Encouraging open-source art


I see a lot of things going on in M / S but sometimes I look at something and I’m occasionally thinking that some improvement or variation should be made, if only I had an XCF…

That’s what I am making this post for. I asked for someone to post an XCF of an image that was posted earlier, and said person took that suggestion seriously, which I hope yields some interesting results.

Having the art be as open as the system it’s for would allow for users of an image to tweak as one sees fit, removing elements, scaling up, finding improved versions of source material etc. so that users get what they want from somebody else’s art, much like how we get what we want from Wimpy’s system.

It wouldn’t be asking too much to encourage this behaviour, would it?

Uploading the Artwork "Source"

I agree, so starting today the community now accepts XCF uploads!

Users should explicitly state the license (e.g. CC-BY-SA) and fill in the metadata too.


Hi lah7.

I think it’s a great idea to accept XCF uploads.
The fact is that xcf images are, usually, big files.
That’s why the three formats available for xcf files are:

  • xcf (uncompressed).
  • xcf.gz (compressed).
  • xcf.bz2 (compressed).

For example:
The file I uploaded is a .xcf.bz2 file and it’s 4.5Mb.
The same file saved only as .xcf it’s 12.7Mb.

I suggest to open the available format for xcf files to xcf.bz2 and xcf.gz.
Currently its only available for xcf files (tested).

Just my 2 eurocents.



Thanks for pointing this out. .xcf.bz2 and .xcf.gz are now the accepted file extensions. :thumbsup:

We should definitely encourage compression of the XCF format to save bandwidth and file storage on the server (and our computers too).


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