End of Chrome 32 bit and netflix(never mind)

So with the end of Chrome support for 32 bit linux looming I figured it was time to start using chromium instead since support will continue, only problem is I cannot watch netflix under chromium. I have searched around and found a few instances where it will work (mainly the Arch aur) but cannot seem to get it working on my rig. I do have the widevine plugin installed, but it doesn’t seem to do the trick, I also installed pepper-flash-nonfree.
Am I searching in vein or is there something I can do to get netflix working?

I have googled this and see lots of positive results. I wonder if having both widevine and pepper plugin installed is causing a problem.

well You Tube works from my understanding because of pepper-flash…

You could chose to have YouTube HTML5 Video Player when possible here instead of flash.

yeah, but still doesn’t solve the netflix issue

Switch to Chromium browser as it states here “32-bit Chromium Is Not Affected”:

already started making the switch over anyway, guess I’ll have to give up netflix then…

Here it is May and Netflix works just fine still

Hi @ramblinman41,

it will work but there are no security updates for the 32 bit version of GC!. :smiley: