Excellant Job -18.10



About a month and half ago I purchased a NUC8i7. When I attempted the latest release (at that time) it failed almost immediately. Consequently I had to change gears and load Win10. It runs ok but I missed all the features I had become accustomed to after 5 or so years of using mate.
It was with some excitement that I loaded 18.10 beta on my now dual boot machine. All I can say is it does not run like a beta. It is super. Accolades to the developers - job well done. I am both a patron and develop applications for my on use. Some of my chosen tools seem to have an issue or two (latest version of Glade), but we will eventually find the source of the problem.

On the whole team - Job well done.


I have to second that, Mate has been very stable for me, in fact I switched from Ubuntu to Ubuntu mate and so glad I did great job to the Mate team


Me too. Although Mate is not as feature rich as KDE plasma / Cinnamon, it seldom freeze unlike those two.


Arthur_Cheung, If you’re having freezing issues it might be a hardware matter. I run Mate on a few machines older ones at that and no problems with it freezing