Failed to save actions to disk (Thunar)

Whenever I try to save a Thunar custom action,

I get

Failed to save actions to disk.

Permission denied.

Thunar is not a part of MATE, it’s the file manager from the XFCE stack.
Maybe @tiox can help?

He should check to see if it happens with Caja first before filing a complaint. I’ve moved on from Thunar + xfdesktop some time ago and went back to (comfortably) using Nemo + Caja (with Caja’s sole purpose being to handle optical devices) but I wouldn’t be able to figure out his problem based on such little information.

Edit: May as well mention, I was comfortfortably using an Thunar + xfdesktop setup for awhile, but since I could not make xfdesktop handle Nemo’s folders (or folder colours) tht’s why I bailed on it. I’m waiting on Nemo or Caja to have the faculty to modify how icons are placed, from fine to coarse placement. If either could emulate how icons are placed on the desktop, it would be more akin to Microsoft’s auto-arrange, which is why some people prefer xfdesktop over any other file manager’s implementation of desktop; The icon placement is way easier for some.

Caja does not have custom actions.

Thunar is much more useful.

Ever tried Nemo? Look in tutorials, you’ll find my guide for it.

Nemo can act as a drop-in replacement for Caja, and has custom actions. You only need to link the bookmarks file (for legacy GTK2 applications), maybe link your wallpaper (though you’re damned to using ln until the end of days with that approach) and hide desktop icons for Caja.

Do not replace Caja as a required component if you need autorun functions for any reason. Aside from that, I’ve encountered no issues with it, unlike Thunar which made autorun stuff for HTPC use difficult.

For some reason, the custom actions are being successfully saved.

I get no more error message.