Faster way to compress and expand archives?

I use xarchiver and zip to compress and expand files, but it seems slow.

Is there a faster method?


Using the terminal might be faster, if you don't already know how to compress and expand files using the terminal, look at the guide here.

Hi :slight_smile:
Not sure you can do something to save time while compressing files.

Unfortunately this will take time, and more it takes, more the .zip file will be smaller.

The only improvement that can be done to save time is to upgrade the hardware.

Programs that compress "well" are generally slower than ones that compress less well. The "best" general-purpose compressor out there ATM is 7zip - which can actually be FASTER than zip even though it's much much better at the actual "compression" part, simply because zip can only ever use 1 core whereas 7zip can use all of them.
However, unless you have a fairly high-end PC (closing in on "workstation" territory), 7z will be slower, and that's not what you want.

For YOUR case, the "right" answer is lz4. The archives will only be ~20% larger than with zip, but the compression SPEED is generally around 5x faster, and can easily be more.


Thanks. My CPU has 4 cores.