Feature request : In disks, Move the delete partition button further away from the unmount button

Hi, using the disks application I noticed that the delete partition button is too close to the one that mounts and dismounts them. It would be advisable, in order to avoid irreparable errors, to move it towards the outside of the same bar. I attach explanatory images. I hope you can accommodate this request.

Now button is in this position:

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Hi :slight_smile:
Nice suggestion !
You can report it here : https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-disk-utility/-/issues

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It would also be useful to put the orange partition button so that it is highlighted that the other is dangerous. Bye!

I disagree.
Clicking on the delete button opens a window asking you to confirm whether or not you want to delete the partition and warns you that all your data will be lost, should you decide to continue (= click once more on delete).
You won't delete a partition while trying to unmount a drive, except if you really want to. It's really self-explanatory.

Capture du 2021-03-04 17-05-32


In any case, note as @olek says, this would need to be a feature request for the developers. Since this comes from gnome, the chances that any developer would see the request here in a general help forum is almost nil. And, the gitlab also allows for the developers to triage and prioritize specific requests, which can not be done in a forum.


Done, i send message.