File Chooser Dialog Doesn't Allow Choosing Files on Network Using SSH (sftp protocol)

I’m working from the Ubuntu MATE 15.04 live CD and from a screencasting application I’m working with, I need to choose a file on the network to save my results to. Although I have a network location mounted in Caja, (sftp://…) the screencasting application’s file chooser dialog doesn’t allow for me to choose files at that location. This is true no matter what application I try to choose a file from, be it this app or firefox or whatever. Under Linux Mint / MATE, this is not an issue and I was wondering if this either might be fixed or if there’s a workaround that I could use. Although I’m a Mint user, I’d kind of like to use UM for my project because it has a better selection of themes. Any ideas? Thanks!

Does it help if you manually mount the remote share to example /mnt/foo (e.i. screen-casting app should use this path and be oblivious to its actual origin)?

@nadrimajstor: Thanks for the suggestion. It made me do a little research and I’ve learned that perhaps the tool to use here would be SSHFS. I’m guessing that’s what you had in mind. If not, please let me know – I may be jumping the gun and overlooking an easier way… I’ll give this a shot the next opportunity I get. Just for the record, I found that the particular desktop theme I wanted to use (TraditionalOkTest) was already installed on my LM system (you just have to install the “mate-themes” package – which I had already done) and so I probably won’t have an opportunity right away to try your suggestion but I’m sure that it’s all that needs to be done. Now why didn’t I think of that?!. Thanks again! :smile:

Yes, the first tool that comes to my mind that would suffice in this particular case is sshfs. (As dead simple to setup/configure I use it whenever possible. YMMV, as its not the most performant, and it won’t work with MS boxes (in the case of Windows 10 I might be wrong, there should be a openssh server included?))

Excellent! I shouldn’t have a need to talk with Windows so SSHFS sounds perfect for my needs. I can’t wait to try it out. Had you not responded to my original post I may not have learned of this possibility at all so thanks for the education!