File command information

I dragged a text file to my panel and it created this.


It used Geany to open it.

How does it do that?

I noticed you can't do that with other file types.

Here are some methods for other files from another post I made

One way to add to panel

Create File Launcher

Right click and create launcher
Type: Application
Name: =name you wish to call launcher (can edit later)
Command: Press Browse button
Browse to your file location, click on your file and press Open
Now in front of the item in Command: window
add xdg-open with a space

Example my file is located at /home/mendy/Desktop/test.ods
Thus after adding xdg-open with a space yields
xdg-open "/home/mendy/Desktop/test.ods"
Edit Added forgot the "s in above example.

Can click on Icon on left and choose what you want.

Can drag to panel or alternately can right click in panel and Add to Panel / Custom Application Launcher
(If dragged to panel you can delete launcher on Desktop)

For a .svg (possibly others you can drag and drop and pop-up will ask if you want to Create Launcher.
It creates Open '/home/mendy/Desktop/test.svg'
You can use the xdg-open with space as another way.




Thanks for the great shortcut. :slight_smile: