File operations window is totally blank when copying files

Hello everyone! I would like to ask your opinion and help in case of a bug that I have just experienced today. I am copying files from my computer to a USB pendrive, and the operation is working, because the file`s size is growing in the destination folder, but the File operations window is totally blank showing no information at all about anything.
Have you met with the same problem before? If yes, could you please tell me how to fix this? Thank you very much in advance, and have a nice evening guys.

Please mention what version of Ubuntu MATE you’re using.
I haven’t experienced this on 16.04.1 LTS

Ubuntu Mate 16.04.1 LTS Ambient-Mate theme and Redmond style exactly.

Strange, but I have changed my layout style from Redmond to Ubuntu Mate also changed my window manager from Marco ( Software compositor ) to Marco ( Compton GPU compositor ) and now I can see the details while copying. So the problem ( at least for now ) seems fixed by these steps.

Can you reproduce the bug by reverting these steps?
If so, can you isolate which of the step is reverting the bug?

I have tried to reproduce the bug, by reverting the steps one by one and restart the computer after each step been reverted but I couldn’t reproduce it. I am using Redmond style, with Marco ( Software compositor ) again, but everything is working fine now.

Thanks for trying.
You may check this topic as solved if you no longer need assistance.

Thank you very much for your quick reply and help :slight_smile: